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ProClenzer 10 Day Formula



ProClenzer is a 10 day formula used to remove toxins on a permanent basis. This product is able to aid in the bodies natural detoxification process and can work in as little as 5 days for a person of average body mass who is not a cigarette smoker. Many customers use this product on a regular basis in order to achieve a clean full body feeling.

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2 reviews for ProClenzer

  1. Erika

    Perfect!!! Purchased at Planet K (TX), I first used for personal health benefits & then later, employment (passed test). Even with 6 capsules, 1/2 of recommended daily dosage to extend cleanse–just extraordinary results! I had energy for workouts and lost 10 lbs. (1.5 wks.) felt great–best in my entire life!

  2. Ant Martinez

    Real good stuff this has been the only detox drink that has worked to cleanse my system usually works within the 6th day. Just take as instructions say and let it do its magic.

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