Choosing a Detox

Every person and detox situation is different, that is why we make a line of products to help fit your individual needs.

Which Product is Best for You?

Do you have more than 10 days to prepare?

  • Yes – we recommend our ProClenzer to reach a full detox in 10 days.
  • No – continue on to find out which liquid formula will help you reach your detox goals.

Liquid Formulas

We take three factors into consideration when recommending one of our day of cleansing products: weight, nicotine use, and the amount of time you have allowed yourself to abstain from toxins.

  • Advanced Formula 16 oz Orange or Tropical
    • A person of average body mass and
      • Non nicotine smoker and
      • Abstained from toxins for more than two full days


      • A person with a large body mass, 15 to 30 lbs over ideal body weight, and
        • Non nicotine smoker and
        • Abstained from toxins for more than two full days
  • ProMaxx 32 oz Tangy Tropical
    • A person with an average or large body mass and
      • Uses nicotine and / or
      • Has not abstained from toxins for more than two full days.


    • A person of extra large body mass, 30 lbs or more over ideal body weight.